“Montreal Senior Companion” specializes in 

providing social and cultural activities for senior’s 

residences. The purpose of these activities is to provide 

the residents with the opportunity to pursue their 

interests and to have the occasion to learn and 

exchange knowledge and ideas with other residents 

and non-residents

     We organize and present the following types of 

activities and events:

  • Art expositions of local and international artist 

  • including an opening night vernisage

  • Lectures in different topics such as the discovery of 

  • Machu-Pichu, travelling south, etc.

  • Presentation of local contemporary authors and 

  • their work

  • Presentations of contemporary, traditional and 

  • folkloric music  

  • Cooking workshops of international culinary art

  • Organization and planning of special events such as 

  • fashion shows, fairs, bazaar, flea market, etc.

     At the present time we are carrying out these types 

of   events in Montreal with great success, which 

encourages us to continue to grow and expand this 

type of work. 

     For further information please do not hesitate to 

contact us

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Sylvia Arce-Gonzalez